Our Practices


  • Drought tolerant plants were planted to conserve water – up to 80% has been
  • Native habitat is respected and maintained
  • Beehives producing lavender honey and assisting in natural pollination of surrounding crops
  • Maximizing people power (sustaining families) vs. Machines that impact the land
  • Weeds are fed to livestock
  • Original rice silo headhouse has had “three lives”; second as our first distillery building, and finally our “wedding chapel” on the ranch
  • By-products left from distilling plant material are used for natural weed control
  • Bulk containers are recycled for livestock and horticulture use
  • Boxes and packing materials are always recycled
  • Our building materials are recycled and made into furniture and fixtures
  • Rice straw bales, wherever applicable, are used to make walls and insulation
  • Black top was removed from the ranch allowing the earth to breathe