Citrus auratium dulcis

Orange oil is known for overall skin care. It brightens dull oily skin and increases cell hydration to support cell regeneration. The phyto-nutrient limonene, found in high concentrations in the peel and pulp, has been identified as helping to enhance the body’s natural defenses against a variety of ailments through its beneficial effects on how the body uses anti-oxidants.

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  • Orange Essential Oil

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    Orange Essential Oil

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    Orange Essential oil has a bright and intense citrus aroma.  It combats depression and anxiety and supports the immune system. Always dilute for topical application.
    INCI: Citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) Oil
    CAS No.: 8008-57-9
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  • Orange Hydrosol

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    Orange Hydrosol

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    Orange Hydrosol has an excellent bright orange aroma, and is gentle enough to be used as often as desired.  It is uplifting to the spirits and promotes positive mood.  Use as a room or body spray, or as an ingredient in your own applications.
    Click here for uses and cautions.
    INCI: Citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) Fruit Water
    CAS No: 84012-28-2

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