Thymus vulgaris (ct. Thymol)

Thyme used as an unguent or ointment was used for rashes, sunburns, abrasions and other skin conditions. Essential oil of Thyme was added to base oil and used as an invigorating massage oil to improve blood circulation. Thyme is well noted for its antiseptic, toning and antioxidant properties and was added to other preparations to treat acne, flaky scalp and thinning hair. Thyme contains Thymol, which is a powerful antiseptic.

Thyme essential oil, used aromatically and topically, is used to fight infection and improve immunity. It eases muscle spasms, improves digestion, relieves urinary tract problems, alleviates respiratory ailments, and improves blood circulation. Thyme is also used to help overcome emotional fatigue, nervousness, and stress.

Thyme oil and extracts should not be used by women who are pregnant or nursing, and should not be used on young children. Thyme Essential Oil should be diluted before use.

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